2019 Alumni Work Weekend

On July 12-14, a group of dedicated alumni and chapter members descended on our 92 year old chapter house for the 10th annual Alumni Work Weekend. Led by Dan Gibbs ’85 and Jim Ensign ’83, the group tackled the following projects:
  • Completely remodeled room B4 into a new study room. The ceiling and all walls were freshly painted. New wood-look flooring was installed. We will be adding new LED lighting and new electrical outlets with USB ports. All new furniture will be ordered later this summer for delivery when classes begin.
  • The dining room ceiling and walls were painted. Due to the ceiling design, most of the work had to be done by hand.
  • Room 10 was freshly painted and a new wood-look floor was installed.
  • The attic was given a thorough cleaning
We would like to extend a big “Thank You” to the following brothers (and one Little Sister) who helped make this event a success:

Dan Gibbs ’85
Susie Gibbs
Jim Ensign ’82
Kim Lewis ’78
Andy Homoly ’92
Walker Geyer ’78
JD Danaher ’80
John Sladek ’75

Chapter Members:
Ethan Schupp ‘22
Randal Gabaldon ‘22
Brad Pond ‘22
Mathias Tomlinson ‘22
Mitch Cascia ‘22.5
Roland Rondez ‘22
Jonah Ozer ‘22.
Nick Weaver ‘22
Andrew Staron ‘22
Abraham Salinas ‘22

We encourage all alumni to join us in 2020.

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