A little elbow grease…

2014-07-12 04.45.54We’re happy to report another successful summer work weekend at 312 E. Armory, Champaign!

Multiple projects were undertaken to improve the DU House before the start of the Fall Semester.
Front and center on the project list was replacing old second and third floor hallway carpeting with tile.  My thanks to our Alumni Board President, Tony “Jungleman: Sutton, for contributing the tile….a very durable flooring material that also looks tremendous. This contribution saved many thousands of dollars.   Kim Lewis head-manned the tile project with support from three professionals, other alums and undergrads.  The undergrads got the ball rolling by removing the baseboards and old carpet.  Kim and his team then went to town putting down new underlayment followed by glue, tile, new baseboards and finally touch-up wall painting…all in 2 1/2 days!  The results are quite simply remarkable as the adjacent pictures confirm.
2014-07-13 01.24.29
Jim Ensign, John Sladek , Dave Behr, Fred Morse, and Fred’s U of I-bound son, Ben, worked their tails off on a variety of additional projects.
Max Redpath ’16, the current House President, showed great leadership by first securing the support of numerous undergrads and then taking on one of the nastier projects, namely the removal of the half-dead shrubbery and roots that for many years have lined the front walkway.  With the shrubbery gone and grass seed planted, we were all in agreement that the change made for a big improvement.
Another project undertaken was the repair of the brick steps on the front walkway along with the repair/replacement  of bricks that had come lose from the front porch.  Jim Ensign along with undergrad support successfully tackled this project.
I want to thank all the alums that already responded to earlier requests and who contributed $15,000 towards these projects.  This money is being well spent and has been leveraged 2:1 in savings given the labor and materials contributed at no charge.
2014-07-12 21.31.58
Some alum financial commitments remain outstanding and others would perhaps now consider this to be a good time to step up.  On behalf of all Illinois DU’s and your Alumni Board, I ask for your support.  Illinois Chapter of Delta Upsilon goes back to 1905.  As the pictures attest, your support can make a tangible difference.
Please make out a check to Illinois Chapter Delta Upsilon and mail it to me at 240 E. Illinois St., Unit 1901, Chicago, IL 60611.  Thank you!
Walker Geyer 78
Walker Geyer ’78 

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  1. Steve "Kat" Katsinas

    Dear Brothers:
    Thanks to Walker, Kim, Keith, Slades, Sugar Bear, Jim, Fred, and President Max and our undergraduate brothers for their hard work. Thanks also to Tony and the DU Alumni Board for your continuing leadership.
    To my brothers who read this, please write a check–any amount helps. Key is PARTICIPATION! Brotherhood in Action!
    Steve “Kat” Katsinas

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