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The Illinois Chapter of Delta Upsilon Fraternity, Inc. was established in Champaign, Illinois in 1905.

Like the international fraternity, Delta Upsilon at Illinois is founded on Promotion of Friendship, Development of Character, Diffusion of Liberal Culture, and the Advancement of Justice.

The main governing bodies of Illinois DU are the Undergraduate Executive Board and the Alumni Board.

The Undergraduate Executive Board is comprised of a President and various Vice Presidents and Chairmen, all undergraduate members living in or in near proximity to the house.

Its Alumni Board is 100% made up of volunteer alumni, including a Chairman and supporting Directors, all charged with the goal of enhancing communications and continuing the DU experience throughout the alumni years.  The Alumni Board is also owner of the physical property, where it promises to maintain a suitable space for future generations to enjoy the DU experience.

The Alumni Board, and by extension the physical property of the house, relies chiefly on alumni donations and dues.

Please reach out to Alumni Board President, Walker Geyer ’78, or to Director of Communications Fran Broich ’76.

Alumni Board of Directors

Walker Geyer ’78, President

Message from the President

John Sladek ’75, Vice President

Kevin Donnelly ’81, Finance

Matt Sturgeon ’12, Secretary

Chuck Bleck ‘90.5, Physical Structure

Keith Wiegold ‘86, Communications

Jim Ensign ’83, Director

David Behr ’77, Director

Chris Boggs ‘08, Director

John Sladek ’75, Director

Fran Broich 76.5, Director

Jamie Sturtwagen ’83, Director

Jason Sturtwagen ’13, Director

Ryan Hegger ’08, Director

Ryan Shea ’14, Director

Do you have a Alumni event you want to tell us about? Email us so we can add it to the site!


Undergraduate Executive Board

President: Brendan Ruffolo

Message from the President

Pledge Educator: Jack Adams

Pledge Supervisor: Robert Currie

BOC Chairman: Scott Fleming

Social External: Luke Campbell

Rush: Marcus Owerko

Secretary: Louis Luan

Risk Management: Brad Bickmore

Scholarship: Chris Bell

Philanthropy Internal: Bobby Doebler


Undergraduate Non-Executive Board

VPMD: Al Griffin

VPAER: Marcus Owerko

Social Internal: Joey Mirsky

Historian: Dylan Firth

Favors: Brian Lapham

Kitchen Manager: Ben Stoehr

Social External: Irwin Bathal

Philanthrophy External: Tyler Demasky

Intramurals: Jared Minor




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