DU Fall Reunion — 9/26/15 — Save the Date!

For the last several years, we have reinvigorated the time-honored Illinois DU tradition of Homecoming! As many as 100 DU alums from all across the country have enjoyed joining those on campus for traditional DU activities like drinking, story-telling, and for those especially brave, watching the Illinois football game.

For the 2015 DU Fall Reunion, we have selected Saturday 9/26, so please save the date, and plan on joining your brothers “at the House.” We predict you’ll love seeing the recent renovations, talking to seldom-seen brothers, and visiting the scene of so many DU traditions.

Special anniversary reunions: if you are a member of the pledge classes of ’55, ’75 and ’95, you are especially encouraged to attend, as this reunion will honor your classes for their respective 60th, 40th and 20th reunions.  David Andrejek has volunteered to help recruit his fellow ‘95’s, Don Einbecker, the ‘75’s, and we are looking for a volunteer to spearhead the effort to reunite the ‘55’s at the House.

Special note: in my era, we give special kudos to Brother Kim Cox 78-50 for hosting an email string that keeps 60+ IL DU’s tied together by sharing everything from Illinois athletics’ latest adventures, to family updates. If you are part of another DU email string, I would highly encourage you to reach out (to me, if you like) so we can capture any email addresses you may have that we don’t, and share news with those who may not receive these newsletters.

Thanks, and hope to see one and all at the House on 9/26/15!

Fran Broich ‘76.5

312-617-4004 cell
Alumni Relations and Database Management

Your Help Needed

Your Help Needed

Dear DU Brothers –

As we approach Spring of this school year, the Alumni Board is again taking stock of the condition of the House.

John Sladek, Chair of the Alumni Board’s House Maintenance and Capital Improvements Committee, is doing a tremendous job managing this key area, and the 3rd Annual work weekend scheduled for July 11-12 brings together both alums and undergrads to tackle projects and put some elbow grease into 312 E. Armory.

I ask that each of you to consider and follow thru on a financial contribution to DU Illinois in support of this effort, the material costs, and the expenses associated with any professional contractors that will be needed.

Your Alumni Board is in the process of putting together a more comprehensive House capital improvement plan, but in the meantime we need your financial support to address those issues that require immediate attention and allow the DU undergrads to recruit successfully. Recent examples of improvements that your contributions made possible over the past 3 years were roof repairs, beautiful new dining room paneling and attractive 2nd and 3rd floor hallway tile.

Whether it is $100, $5,000 or any amount you feel you can contribute, the money will be put to very good use with focused stewardship by your Alumni Board and undergrads. We are working closely with Paul Brandeisky, House President, and his Executive Committee VP’s on numerous matters — I’m pleased to say that House leadership has the Illinois Chapter of DU pointed in the right direction.

Your contributions are greatly needed as the Alumni Board cash reserve is earmarked for emergency needs so the work we have envisioned for this year will be funded by monies raised over the next 90 days.

Please mail checks, payable to Illinois Chapter Delta Upsilon, to:

Kevin Donnelly (’81 and Alumni Board Finance Chair)
5822 Giddings Ave.
Hinsdale, IL 60521

Thank you!


Walker Geyer ‘78
Alumni Board Fund Raising Committee

Message from the Undergraduates


First things first, I hope you all are doing well and having a good start to your new year just as we all are down here in Champaign. This first couple of months of the new semester has been quick ones to say the least, with a lot of important events and activities starting up right away for us here at the Illinois chapter.

It’s appropriate to start this letter with some good news by talking about the huge success we had with this spring rush class. The current members all took part in making this rush one of the most successful spring rushes in the past few years. Thanks to that, and the great work done by our rush chair Josh Currie ’17, we ended up with thirteen men who are currently pledging to become new members of the Delta Upsilon Illinois Chapter. This is not only one of the biggest spring classes to come through DU in the past few years, but it also one ups our past fall class, which contained 12 members. Things started off on the right foot this semester, and we look to keep that ball rolling with all the upcoming events we have planned.

One of the most important events of the entire year is rapidly approaching: Broomball. Plans are slowly starting to come together for that, as our philanthropy chair Ryan Bidner ’17 has been doing a great job with all the intricacies that come with setting up an event of this scale, as well as working with the ladies over at Kappa Alpha Theta, because, well let’s just say that sometimes ‘help’ is indeed a four letter word.

Along with Broomball, we also have various social events throughout the weeks planned, thanks to social chair Brad Thyfault ’17. Brad has just solidified that our chapter will have block again before football games this coming fall, this year being partnered with the ladies of Delta Zeta. They are one of many houses that we are growing relations with, and our horizons seem to keep on expanding.

Well, that just about wraps it up for what has been happening around here for the first part of the semester.  As always, feel free to stop by your home if you happen to be near C-U.  We’d love to see you!

Cole Hoeppel-Tranter ‘17

Chairman’s Report – March 2015

Dear brothers of DU Illinois,

I hope this note catches you with positive spirits. I am happy to say that the alumni board, along with DU International and the local undergraduates have been actively engaged in all facets of our operations and diligently organizing our long term goals. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with our growing and expanding board of directors. We are now at 15 actively participating board members, working together on 7 committees.

The undergraduates under Paul’s leadership as president are focused on exemplifying what the DU experience is all about. Not only are each of the committee Chairman bringing game to the phone conferences, but there is an enthusiasm that is building within.

We have had great dialogue with DU International, especially with John Duncan. I can’t wait for you to find out about the programs we are working on! This happens because of participation.

I take this moment to acknowledge brother Walker Geyer. Walker was hand selected by me to be Vice Chairman to spearhead our new rally (save my *** and make it happen). Thanks to Walker and his dedication we are undertaking a new era at Champaign-Urbana. We are committed to seeing that DU thrives in the next 100 years. We are at that turning point.

I just did a Guest Editor piece in Arizona Foothills, and mentioned my formative years at DU, and what a difference it made in my life. We can do that together. In upcoming reports we will be sharing with you some of the exciting, and not so exciting aspects to running our beloved fraternity at 312 East Armory. Please review the list of your alumni board members and the respective committees. I ask you to do it now, and see if you have the calling to help on a committee, or other aspect of promoting DU Illinois, and share that with Walker. It is the spirit of volunteerism that carries us forward.

Thanks in advance to answering Walker’s calling for donations. They all count from $100 and add up. Fortunately we get some generous donations in the $5,000 -20,000 range which are instrumental in handling some of the larger and less glamorous needs of maintaining our aging facility. We do have exciting plans we are working on to make DU Illinois a destination selection, for academics, brotherhood, and lifestyle amenities.

We look forward to seeing many of you more often as we seek to engage all ages of DU alumni to rally together for the brotherhood in action that makes us DU.


Tony Sutton
Jungleman ’77

Homecoming 2014 – tentative agenda

from Dave Behr ’77

group picture front lawn2

Friday October 24th:: 

(for those of you coming down the night before or who are looking to help out in preparation of the big weekend!)

5;00 pm   House cleanup starts by undergrads (additional helpers appreciated)

7:30 pm  Fire-up session with Alums and Undergrads over pizza and beer.


Saturday October 25th:

8:00 am    Bus leaves downtown Chicago.  $45.00  Contact Fran Broich for a seat soon!

10:00 am  Registration table near the front door at DU opens for business!  Bring your checkbooks!  Also, DU Alumni shirts will

be available for only $10.00.

11:00 am  Illinois Fighting Illini vs Minnesota !!!   ILL—INI !   Bus arrives just in time!  If you don’t have your football ticket yet, see

Fran Broich

1:30 pm    Homecoming Luncheon served.  Front yard, weather permitting

2:30 pm    Presentation on the condition of the House, work accomplished and work to be done.

3:30  pm   Presentation of Awards:    Keith Ulatoski Brothership Award, Scholarship Awards

4:00 pm    Social Hours!   If you haven’t written a check yet you still can…

8:00 pm    Bus leaves 312 Armory for Chicago


Sunday October 26th:

Remembering what a good time you had!