Workin’ it

We are again having a summer work weekend at the DU house in Champaign. Last summer, a group of dedicated alumni and 20 undergrads worked for 2 1/2 days making much needed repairs to the 2nd & 3rd floor hallways, brick walkway and outside wood trim. Much was accomplished, but, as with any structure that is 89 years old, another round of repairs is needed. This summer, we will seal the basement floor, refinish the floor on the main level and also paint the walls.

The work weekend is July 11-12th. You are strongly encouraged to join us to lend a hand – whether it be for a couple of hours, a day, or the full weekend. No special skills required. Please let us know if you plan on helping out so we can plan the work teams’ time effectively. In the past multiple Alumni Board members and undergrads have greatly appreciated the work of brothers like Kim Lewis ’79 who have generously donated their time. This year, Jeff Castles ’76 will provide his expertise on the painting projects needed. We are also planning on repairing/replacing the infamous “penalty boxes” in the rooms in the next couple years. Anyone with furniture expertise would be very helpful in the planning of that–

Perhaps just as importantly, we need your financial support to help purchase the necessary supplies. This request is urgent as we are planning our materials procurement now for delivery in July. Please consider donating $250, $500 or $1,000 today! Send your check directly to, Kevin Donnelly, 5822 Giddings Ave., Hinsdale,IL, 60521. Please make checks payable to Illinois Chapter of Delta Upsilon, Inc. We’ll make sure the donations are quickly earmarked for this summer’s work project.

Questions? Feel free to call me for more details at 630-207-0239. Best time to call is 7pm – 10pm CT. Hope to hear from you.

Thanks for your time and support!


John Sladek ’75 and the DU Alumni Board

Message from the Chairman – March 2013

To my Brothers of Delta Upsilon,

Time has a way of slipping by us quickly.  Now is the time to save the date for this year’s Delta Upsilon reunion.  Your Alumni Board has selected Homecoming for our reunion this year.  Consensus was that we have a larger turnout. So SAVE THE DATE!  October 26th !! The Illini will be playing Michigan State.   We will have more details to follow soon, with Mark Milton from the Board organizing, and  with Fran Broich and Jim “Nott” Nothagle organizing the game tickets and bus reservations from Chicago.  I will have some rooms lined up soon so DUs will be at the same hotel.

Class of 80! Don’t forget your matching funds challenge that we want to have finalized in 60 days!   I will be targeting you individually soon.

We have had some feel good projects in recent years that have given DU a resurgence both in alumni interest, and in measured results by the undergrads filling the house and having one of the most popular houses on campus. We are experiencing the cash flow needs of your generous contributions now!

We will be starting a new and aggressive fundraising campaign soon.  Please be a leader in giving now to help us fuel this effort.

Our 1926 English Tudor Revival fraternity house is on the National Historic Registry.  Although we have been making steady progress, she is in need of our attention now for the less glamorous projects, such as bathrooms, roofs, etc.  The very detailed professional architectural and construction review has been done. Now the hard part which I need each of you to buy into:

Here is how you can give NOW to DU…and please do.

Thank you in advance for your loyalty and support!




Tony Sutton ’77

’93 Alum visits House with Son — his Experience in his Words

On February 15th, Jason Schuhert ’93, emailed the undergraduate chapter and alumni board, asking if it was okay if he brought his son Nathan by the house as they visited the campus and College of Engineering (where Nathan is accepted in Chemical Engineering).

“Was wondering whether we could stop by the house so Nathan could get a quick feel for where I lived for 3 years of my college life.  Definitely not looking for any special treatment or cleanup but would love to meet some guys.  Maybe we could even run by for lunch…”

The undergrads and alumni replied immediately — the house is still Jason’s, and the UGs were happy to meet up with them.  Here was the Schuhert’s experience, in Jason’s words:

“Was excellent to meet you guys yesterday and be able to not only relive my own memories, but share a few (carefully) with you and my son Nathan.  

The basement looks great and I can only imagine how well it serves you all at every social gathering and the rooms we peeked in looked exactly like I would have hoped:  well used and accommodating.

I was most pleased with how friendly and confident everybody was that we met.  You all give off an air of being happy to be who you are and living where you live and hanging out with those around you.  That’s the piece that can’t be replaced and can’t be underestimated.  Believe me that you’ll find yourself among the “old alums” before you know it and you’ll realize even more how crucial your time in the house was to molding who you become.

Enjoy every minute of it and keep bringing high quality brothers into the fold so you’re always paying it forward.  

Thanks again for the hospitality and I hope to return soon (maybe even with Nathan in tow!)

Develop, promote, diffuse, and advance!”



Belly Up!

Here’s a quick pic of the new basement bar and its granite top.


Now, don’t just imagine bellying up to this impressive rail, but looking up to see all who made it happen — those who donated to the “Basement Project” in 2010, 2011, and this year.

Then, think about ten, twenty, thirty years from now as undergrads, alumni, even you continue to enjoy not only the bar, the basement, 312 E. Armory, but most of all the DU Experience.

YOU can help keep this happening — in fact, it’s our responsibility to do so, one we all took as we recited our initiation oaths.

Please help us by donating to the cause:  the DU Experience cause, for The Next 100 Years.

Thank you!  See you all at the DU Re-U on September 29th!

Basement Taking Shape

With hopes of returning to its former ‘glory’ as the place for undergraduate brothers to hang out and entertain guests, the basement at 312 E. Armory has received a boost by the delivery of the limestone bar materials.  It’s the best thing to arrive from Indiana since Jeff George.

Here were the plans for the bar area:









And here are the actual shots of the bar being assembled:


We are in the process of adding electrical and plumbing, as well as flat screen TVs and seating.  All in all, it will be social central.

Now, let’s all experience the ‘new’ basement at the DU Re-U on September 29th!  First round’s on Ken Hecht!