DU Fall ReU Preview






Please save the date and plan on attending the DU Fall ReU 9/26/15 at the DU House in Champaign! We are deliberately avoiding the “official” Illinois Homecoming later in the Fall. The pledge classes of ’55, ’75, and ’95 will be honored in a special ceremony after the game!

If you are interested in tickets to the football game that day, let me know? Our special group rate is $24/ticket and should even include an Illini t-shirt! We will also try to resurrect the bus to/from Chicago for the game.  More to come.

Fran Broich ‘76.50
312-617-4004, frank.broich@sbcglobal.net

President’s Report – 12/27/16


An early Happy New Year greeting, and hoping that the holidays have been good for one and all.
First, let me thank all the Brothers that responded to our December 4 email request for tax deductible contributions to the Illinois Housing Account at DU International. With still a couple days left in the year, 2016 tax deductible contributions can still be made at http://duef.deltau.org/Give?cea=true followed by selecting Illinois Housing Account from the CEA drop down menu. This would be tremendously helpful. If that’s not in the cards for this year, please bookmark this link for your charitable giving plans for 2017 as we’re in a capital raise mode in order to finish the roof replacement, etc!
Your Alumni Board along with the new House President, Brendan Ruffolo ’19-50 and other undergrads gather tonight at Fuller House Bar in Hinsdale. It will be a nice way to wrap up the year and get acquainted with Brendan over burgers and beers. We’re confident that Brendan will continue the strong leadership demonstrated by his predecessor, Ethan Lewis, who oversaw the recruitment of a monster 39-man pledge class that will be moving into the House next Fall.
Looking ahead to 2017, your Alumni Board plans to visit the House and take in a b-ball game on Feb. 11. Please reach out to Fran Broich ’76-50 if you’re interested in tickets. The Alumni Board plans to once again organize a House Work Weekend in July. John Sladek ‘75 and Dan Gibbs ‘85 will organize this annual event that effectively combines some great project accomplishments with brotherhood reconnections. The successful Men of Merit Scholarship program will be continued with two scholarships awarded to incoming freshmen next fall. A ReUnion will of course be organized and scheduled for the fall in the coming months.
DU brotherhood is a living, breathing thing that we all enjoy for our entire lives. I encourage everyone to make 2017 a year in which we reconnect and personally enhance that brotherhood, and also support the critical capital needs of 312 E. Armory, the place where it started for all of us.
That’s it for now. Please feel free to call me and I’d be happy to meet with anyone that finds their way to Chicago.
Dikaia Upotheke.
Walker Geyer ‘78

DU Fall Reunion — 9/26/15 — Save the Date!

For the last several years, we have reinvigorated the time-honored Illinois DU tradition of Homecoming! As many as 100 DU alums from all across the country have enjoyed joining those on campus for traditional DU activities like drinking, story-telling, and for those especially brave, watching the Illinois football game.

For the 2015 DU Fall Reunion, we have selected Saturday 9/26, so please save the date, and plan on joining your brothers “at the House.” We predict you’ll love seeing the recent renovations, talking to seldom-seen brothers, and visiting the scene of so many DU traditions.

Special anniversary reunions: if you are a member of the pledge classes of ’55, ’75 and ’95, you are especially encouraged to attend, as this reunion will honor your classes for their respective 60th, 40th and 20th reunions.  David Andrejek has volunteered to help recruit his fellow ‘95’s, Don Einbecker, the ‘75’s, and we are looking for a volunteer to spearhead the effort to reunite the ‘55’s at the House.

Special note: in my era, we give special kudos to Brother Kim Cox 78-50 for hosting an email string that keeps 60+ IL DU’s tied together by sharing everything from Illinois athletics’ latest adventures, to family updates. If you are part of another DU email string, I would highly encourage you to reach out (to me, if you like) so we can capture any email addresses you may have that we don’t, and share news with those who may not receive these newsletters.

Thanks, and hope to see one and all at the House on 9/26/15!

Fran Broich ‘76.5

312-617-4004 cell
Alumni Relations and Database Management

Undergraduate Report

by Max Redpath ’16


 First off, I’d like to introduce myself to the Alumni:  my name is Max Redpath, and I will be a sophomore this fall. As is the case with many of my other brothers, I am from Barrington, Illinois, and I am majoring in Business with a concentration in Accounting and Finance. I know I met a few other alumni at the DU-ReU last fall, but for those I have yet to meet, I am excited to do so and also make this year’s Homecoming even better than the last!

Seeing as this is the update that covers the end of the spring semester, the great things we’ve done this summer, and a prelude for the fall semester, it will be rather lengthy, but there are a lot of good things that our DU chapter has been up to as of late!

As for the end of the spring semester, the highlight had to be our annual DU-Theta Broomball philanthropy event. It was very well attended by both fraternities and sororities alike. It went exceptionally well with minimal troubles despite all of the action going on both on and off the ice, and we helped raise and split $2,300 with Theta that went to the Global Service Initiative.       

Delta Upsilon also started a new tradition this past spring with the advent of the DU Dixie Ball. This Southern-themed formal dance was extremely well attended and a ton of fun, too. We played country and folk music and ate pulled pork and beef brisket that was catered from Black Dog in Urbana (highly recommended). It was also such a novel idea (thanks to brothers Nick Howard ’13 and Kevin Ward ’15 who spearheaded the event) that there was significant buzz on campus asking about it both before and after the event.

Keeping along the lines of spring social events, we had a beach-themed exchange at Joe’s with Kappa Delta that went very well. Our semi-annual Pancake Breakfast and Barndance went off without a hitch and was a ton of fun: Brother Tyler Garretson ’15 did a wonderful job organizing both of these very fun events for all of the Brothers and our guests. Not only did we have a good time at Barndance (per the usual), but we also saved roughly $800 in the process. Our Brothers also performed well in the Pi Phi Frisbee philanthropy placing second out of fifteen teams. There was also a battle royale of sorts when the two DU intramural basketball teams squared off in the last game of the season. Unfortunately the team comprised of ‘16s and ’16.5s lost by three points, despite the highest quality of coaching (by yours truly), but it was a good battle and a better time.  Finally, we are looking forward to a similar docket of events for the fall when we will be ‘blocking’ with the ladies of Sigma Delta Tau and continuing on with other Delta Upsilon traditions. photo_3

In the middle of the summer, a work weekend was organized, and a lot of things that needed to get done in and around the house were accomplished or set in motion to be finished. I know several alumni were also in attendance, but for those of you who couldn’t attend, here is a summary of what was accomplished: past and current Brothers pressure-washed the outside of the house, cleaned out the window wells, renovated the main floor wall panels, trimmed trees and bushes around the house, repaired the fence and basketball court, deep-cleaned all wood surfaces, replaced the bricks on the veranda, repaired major amounts of shingles and gutters and other roof structures. This event was also very well attended, as can be seen by the many projects done, and it set a great tone for the upcoming year.

Late in July was the Float Trip where the Brothers journeyed up and down the Kankakee River – a wet but fun time was had by all.  It set a good tone for the upcoming ‘17s rush and was a good way to get the Brothers reacquainted and excited for the upcoming semester.

Towards the end of the summer, a large contingency of Ducks attended the Lollapalooza Music Festival held in Grant Park in Chicago. I know that I personally spent all of Saturday with upwards of fifteen DUs and ended up spending the night in the apartment of Andrew Krissinger’s (my pledge dad). It was a great time, and it really got us excited for this fall.

Despite the productivity of the Work Weekend over the summer, many undergraduates decided to travel down to Champaign for a work week just before this semester began. A TON MORE got accomplished, and the house is looking great for Rush as well as the upcoming events with the ladies of Illinois sororities. Some of the highlights of the work week were: the repairing and lacquering of the fence guarding the basketball court, the spackling and painting of the basketball court, photo_4the painting of the walls in the stairway, the cleaning of the attic, the pitching of unsuitable furniture, the repainting of parking lot lines…the list goes on!

This fall’s Rush has been going fantastic already as well. We’ve had our first acceptance, we’ve given out roughly 20 bids, and we have a lot more interest from other rushees in becoming a Duck, so we hope to increase the amount of acceptances as Rush enters its height. It’s setting a very good tone for this semester thus far.

In other news, Illinois actually decided to win a few football games over the past several Saturdays!   As long as Coach Beckman doesn’t get another infraction for chewing tobacco on the sideline, we’re destined for great things — Pasadena here we come!

We look forward to seeing you all on October26th for Homecoming 2013!  It is going to be a GREAT time – please join us then.


Max Redpath ‘16

Belly Up!

Here’s a quick pic of the new basement bar and its granite top.


Now, don’t just imagine bellying up to this impressive rail, but looking up to see all who made it happen — those who donated to the “Basement Project” in 2010, 2011, and this year.

Then, think about ten, twenty, thirty years from now as undergrads, alumni, even you continue to enjoy not only the bar, the basement, 312 E. Armory, but most of all the DU Experience.

YOU can help keep this happening — in fact, it’s our responsibility to do so, one we all took as we recited our initiation oaths.

Please help us by donating to the cause:  the DU Experience cause, for The Next 100 Years.

Thank you!  See you all at the DU Re-U on September 29th!