Undergraduate Update – June 2015


The end of the Spring 2015 semester was definitely a busy one at Illinois DU. We had several events in the month of April that kept us busy and very entertained. On Saturday, April 11th, we held a wonderful brunch at the house for Mom’s Weekend. It was a great way to start off the day, which was followed by a silent auction. Our VP Administration Kevin Mackin ’18 did an excellent job putting the event together, as all of the moms had a great time getting to see their sons. The following Friday, April 17th, we held our annual DU/Theta Broomball Tournament. We had a total of 18 other Greek organizations sign up and participate in the event. Ryan Bidner ’17 did a great job coordinating the event with the help of the Kappa Alpha Theta philanthropy chair. We had tremendous participation from the entire chapter, helping referee and coach the various teams. It was a fantastic night indeed. DU also had teams participate in other various philanthropy events/dinners, such as the Kappa Delta Dodgeball tournament and Pi Beta Phi Volleyball tournament. The end of the semester was also packed with many social events, including Barndance and Dixie Ball – both of which were enjoyable times as always. Our social chair Brad Thyfault ’17 did a great job scheduling exchanges with multiples sororities, including Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Xi Delta, Sigma Delta Tau, Chi Omega, Pi Beta Phi, and Alpha Delta Pi. And for the Fall, we have secured Delta Zeta as our Block partners for the football season!

On top of all the exciting events, we are proud to have initiated 12 new members this Spring – one of the largest Spring pledge classes in recent memory. Plenty of these guys are living in the house next semester and are ready to make a positive impact on our chapter. And last but not least, Matt Sturgeon ’12 and Ryan Shea ’14 came down to visit the house on Saturday, April 25th to announce the winner of the annual Undergraduate Scholarship Award. After eight applications were reviewed, this year’s winner ended up being Taylor Stinnett ’15. Taylor represents all of the values of what a DU should be, and made a huge impact on our chapter. We are going to miss Taylor and the rest of the graduating seniors very much as they head off into the “real world.”

That concludes the report from Champaign – Urbana. With everyone finishing up the semester and heading off to their various jobs, internships, and trips, the summer time will definitely be busy as well for all of us Ducks. Once August rolls around, we will all be excited to get back to school.

And always, please remember that our home is your home too at 312 E. Armory.


Paul Brandeisky ’17
Chapter President

Message from the Undergraduates


First things first, I hope you all are doing well and having a good start to your new year just as we all are down here in Champaign. This first couple of months of the new semester has been quick ones to say the least, with a lot of important events and activities starting up right away for us here at the Illinois chapter.

It’s appropriate to start this letter with some good news by talking about the huge success we had with this spring rush class. The current members all took part in making this rush one of the most successful spring rushes in the past few years. Thanks to that, and the great work done by our rush chair Josh Currie ’17, we ended up with thirteen men who are currently pledging to become new members of the Delta Upsilon Illinois Chapter. This is not only one of the biggest spring classes to come through DU in the past few years, but it also one ups our past fall class, which contained 12 members. Things started off on the right foot this semester, and we look to keep that ball rolling with all the upcoming events we have planned.

One of the most important events of the entire year is rapidly approaching: Broomball. Plans are slowly starting to come together for that, as our philanthropy chair Ryan Bidner ’17 has been doing a great job with all the intricacies that come with setting up an event of this scale, as well as working with the ladies over at Kappa Alpha Theta, because, well let’s just say that sometimes ‘help’ is indeed a four letter word.

Along with Broomball, we also have various social events throughout the weeks planned, thanks to social chair Brad Thyfault ’17. Brad has just solidified that our chapter will have block again before football games this coming fall, this year being partnered with the ladies of Delta Zeta. They are one of many houses that we are growing relations with, and our horizons seem to keep on expanding.

Well, that just about wraps it up for what has been happening around here for the first part of the semester.  As always, feel free to stop by your home if you happen to be near C-U.  We’d love to see you!

Cole Hoeppel-Tranter ‘17

Undergraduate Report

by Max Redpath ’16


 First off, I’d like to introduce myself to the Alumni:  my name is Max Redpath, and I will be a sophomore this fall. As is the case with many of my other brothers, I am from Barrington, Illinois, and I am majoring in Business with a concentration in Accounting and Finance. I know I met a few other alumni at the DU-ReU last fall, but for those I have yet to meet, I am excited to do so and also make this year’s Homecoming even better than the last!

Seeing as this is the update that covers the end of the spring semester, the great things we’ve done this summer, and a prelude for the fall semester, it will be rather lengthy, but there are a lot of good things that our DU chapter has been up to as of late!

As for the end of the spring semester, the highlight had to be our annual DU-Theta Broomball philanthropy event. It was very well attended by both fraternities and sororities alike. It went exceptionally well with minimal troubles despite all of the action going on both on and off the ice, and we helped raise and split $2,300 with Theta that went to the Global Service Initiative.       

Delta Upsilon also started a new tradition this past spring with the advent of the DU Dixie Ball. This Southern-themed formal dance was extremely well attended and a ton of fun, too. We played country and folk music and ate pulled pork and beef brisket that was catered from Black Dog in Urbana (highly recommended). It was also such a novel idea (thanks to brothers Nick Howard ’13 and Kevin Ward ’15 who spearheaded the event) that there was significant buzz on campus asking about it both before and after the event.

Keeping along the lines of spring social events, we had a beach-themed exchange at Joe’s with Kappa Delta that went very well. Our semi-annual Pancake Breakfast and Barndance went off without a hitch and was a ton of fun: Brother Tyler Garretson ’15 did a wonderful job organizing both of these very fun events for all of the Brothers and our guests. Not only did we have a good time at Barndance (per the usual), but we also saved roughly $800 in the process. Our Brothers also performed well in the Pi Phi Frisbee philanthropy placing second out of fifteen teams. There was also a battle royale of sorts when the two DU intramural basketball teams squared off in the last game of the season. Unfortunately the team comprised of ‘16s and ’16.5s lost by three points, despite the highest quality of coaching (by yours truly), but it was a good battle and a better time.  Finally, we are looking forward to a similar docket of events for the fall when we will be ‘blocking’ with the ladies of Sigma Delta Tau and continuing on with other Delta Upsilon traditions. photo_3

In the middle of the summer, a work weekend was organized, and a lot of things that needed to get done in and around the house were accomplished or set in motion to be finished. I know several alumni were also in attendance, but for those of you who couldn’t attend, here is a summary of what was accomplished: past and current Brothers pressure-washed the outside of the house, cleaned out the window wells, renovated the main floor wall panels, trimmed trees and bushes around the house, repaired the fence and basketball court, deep-cleaned all wood surfaces, replaced the bricks on the veranda, repaired major amounts of shingles and gutters and other roof structures. This event was also very well attended, as can be seen by the many projects done, and it set a great tone for the upcoming year.

Late in July was the Float Trip where the Brothers journeyed up and down the Kankakee River – a wet but fun time was had by all.  It set a good tone for the upcoming ‘17s rush and was a good way to get the Brothers reacquainted and excited for the upcoming semester.

Towards the end of the summer, a large contingency of Ducks attended the Lollapalooza Music Festival held in Grant Park in Chicago. I know that I personally spent all of Saturday with upwards of fifteen DUs and ended up spending the night in the apartment of Andrew Krissinger’s (my pledge dad). It was a great time, and it really got us excited for this fall.

Despite the productivity of the Work Weekend over the summer, many undergraduates decided to travel down to Champaign for a work week just before this semester began. A TON MORE got accomplished, and the house is looking great for Rush as well as the upcoming events with the ladies of Illinois sororities. Some of the highlights of the work week were: the repairing and lacquering of the fence guarding the basketball court, the spackling and painting of the basketball court, photo_4the painting of the walls in the stairway, the cleaning of the attic, the pitching of unsuitable furniture, the repainting of parking lot lines…the list goes on!

This fall’s Rush has been going fantastic already as well. We’ve had our first acceptance, we’ve given out roughly 20 bids, and we have a lot more interest from other rushees in becoming a Duck, so we hope to increase the amount of acceptances as Rush enters its height. It’s setting a very good tone for this semester thus far.

In other news, Illinois actually decided to win a few football games over the past several Saturdays!   As long as Coach Beckman doesn’t get another infraction for chewing tobacco on the sideline, we’re destined for great things — Pasadena here we come!

We look forward to seeing you all on October26th for Homecoming 2013!  It is going to be a GREAT time – please join us then.


Max Redpath ‘16

Undergraduate Update – March 2013


With the first round of midterms completed, the semester is officially in full swing. This semester has been rather eventful, with a lot to come in the near future. The start of the new semester brings about the initiation of the fall associate members, and the formal pledgeship of the spring class. Our fall class ended up having 32 members initiated; one of the biggest classes DU has seen in a long time here on the Illinois campus. We also had nine of those initiated members move into the house from their dorms, which has the house at full capacity again (45 members). We are also pleased to announce eight rushees accepted their bids from spring rush, and have now begun their pledgeship. Everyone here is excited about the newly initiated members and pledge class, as they are both great groups of guys.

I am also pleased to report an improvement on the chapters GPA this past semester. The active chapter completed the semester with a cumulative GPA of 3.17. The new members compiled a 3.02 GPA, bringing the overall house GPA to 3.12. We are ranked 17th out of 45 houses on campus, a great improvement from last semester.

The social schedule for this semester is also looking great, as we have planned some great exchanges so far, and are looking forward to Barn Dance and maybe a formal in the coming months. So far, we have had a masquerade themed exchange with Kappa Alpha Theta upstairs at Joe’s, and also went and played Laser Tag off campus with Pi Beta Phi. This upcoming weekend, we have scheduled a Bulls/Pacers exchange with Sigma Delta Tau (our fall 2013 Block Partners) in Indianapolis. Although it looks as though Derrick Rose won’t be back in time for the game, it will still be an awesome time. Some active members will get to go meet some of the players prior to the game, and others will be able to take part in a shrimp eating contest on the court during halftime. The Bulls exchange looks to be the end to a very exciting weekend, as Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day is this Friday as well. The weekend after that, we will be hosting our annual Pancake Party at the house, which guarantees to be a great time. We have our barn dance scheduled for April 4th, and are looking into a formal somewhere off campus. This all coupled with exchanges scheduled for later this semester, it is one packed semester of social events.

Once again, we will be hosting our Broom Ball philanthropy which is scheduled for March 8th. Kappa Alpha Theta has agreed to co-host the event with us like last year, and it looks like it will be a huge success. The proceeds will be going to help fund Delta Upsilon International’s philanthropy event, the Global Service Initiative (GSI).  GSI sends DU’s to help build houses and schools in rundown areas of Jamaica. We are hoping one of our active DU brothers will be able to attend the trip this year and help with the building process. One philanthropy that DU looks forward to participating in is the Kappa Delta Dodgeball tournament. We had four teams entered last year, and are looking to get even more involved this year. They also host a 5k run and chili dinner, which is well attended by DU’s as well (and in that order!).

Intramural spring sports are also starting, with basketball being the highlight so far. DU has two teams entered into the league, with one team sitting at 1-1 and the other at 1-2. Both teams are in the same division, with a showdown between the two teams coming in a couple weeks.

As spring break inches closer and closer, everyone is all over the place with their plans. Some of the seniors will be going to Vegas, while others are going down to Florida and taking a 5 day cruise. Other brothers have made plans to attend South Padre and Panama City Beach with each other, go on vacation with family, or just relax at home for a week. Needless to say, DU will be all over the country for spring break.

With only a portion of the semester over, the next couple months look like they will be a great time for all the members here at DU Illinois. Go Illini!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars now for Homecoming 2013:  October 26th vs. MSU!  More details to come soon on this.

As always, please feel free to reach out to your undergraduate brothers — you are always welcome at your home, Delta Upsilon.




Sean Thomas ’15

Chapter President

Message from the Undergraduate President

Dear Delta Upsilon Illinois Chapter Alumni,

My name is David Nolan and I am serving my second semester as President here at 312 E. Armory.  I’m excited to write to everyone today, many of whom I hope to meet this upcoming Homecoming weekend!

Pledge class of 2015


The Fall 2011 semester has been very busy, as usual.  We recently finished our Fall recruitment cycle, successfully recruiting 23 new associate members (pledges).  Any recruitment class above 20 is good these days, especially given the competitive fraternity environment at U of I.  In addition, we are focusing our recruitment on the quality of new members, not on the quantity.  I strongly believe that our current quality of members will bring in 25+ pledge classes in the coming years.  Above is their photo and below is the list of names and hometowns for our new pledge class:


Hal Abel – Belleville, IL

Michael Benson – Rolling Meadows, IL

Michael Bosworth – Addison, IL

Sam Edwards – Belleville, IL

Seleem El Banhawi – Cairo, Egypt

Will Farrell – Barrington, IL

Tyler Garretson – Matoon, IL

Scott Geolat – Belleville, IL

Alex Groves – Barrington, IL

Matthew Kibort – Gurnee, IL

Michael Khuans  – Chicago, IL

Blake Landa – Barrington, IL

Harrison Ruesch – Barrington, IL

James Shields – Winfield, IL

Taylor Stinnet – Sycamore, IL

Tucker Strohmayer – Libertyville, IL

D.J. Terdy – Glen Ellyn, IL

Sean Thomas – Northbrook, IL

Justin Vitkus – Sycamore, IL

Kevin Ward – Belleville, IL

Michael Weisshappel – Barrington, IL

Pat White – Glen Ellyn, IL


In the past week we have turned our focus away from rush and towards our other house functions.  Our social calendar began this past Saturday with Block at Kams with ADPi.  Social events with Alpha Phi, Delta Delta Delta, and Delta Zeta are also in the planning stages.  In addition to our social calendar, we are in the process of planning a philanthropy event for this upcoming Spring 2012 semester.  We will be hosting a late-night fundraising dinner at the chapter house on a Friday, followed by a sporting event on Saturday.  We hope to pair with DU International’s new beneficiary, Global Service Initiative (GSI).  Information on GSI can be found here: Global Service Initiative.

On behalf of the undergraduate chapter, we are VERY excited for Homecoming.  We and the Alumni Board has been working hard to put on a special event and I think it will far exceed all of our expectations.  Thank you for all of the generous donations and support thus far.  As our undergraduate-alumni relationship grows, I expect DU at Illinois to flourish for many years to come!


Dikaia Upotheke,



David Nolan

Chapter President

(847) 308-0103

Formal pledging of the ’15’s