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Please save the date and plan on attending the DU Fall ReU 9/26/15 at the DU House in Champaign! We are deliberately avoiding the “official” Illinois Homecoming later in the Fall. The pledge classes of ’55, ’75, and ’95 will be honored in a special ceremony after the game!

If you are interested in tickets to the football game that day, let me know? Our special group rate is $24/ticket and should even include an Illini t-shirt! We will also try to resurrect the bus to/from Chicago for the game.  More to come.

Fran Broich ‘76.50
312-617-4004, frank.broich@sbcglobal.net

DU Fall Reunion — 9/26/15 — Save the Date!

For the last several years, we have reinvigorated the time-honored Illinois DU tradition of Homecoming! As many as 100 DU alums from all across the country have enjoyed joining those on campus for traditional DU activities like drinking, story-telling, and for those especially brave, watching the Illinois football game.

For the 2015 DU Fall Reunion, we have selected Saturday 9/26, so please save the date, and plan on joining your brothers “at the House.” We predict you’ll love seeing the recent renovations, talking to seldom-seen brothers, and visiting the scene of so many DU traditions.

Special anniversary reunions: if you are a member of the pledge classes of ’55, ’75 and ’95, you are especially encouraged to attend, as this reunion will honor your classes for their respective 60th, 40th and 20th reunions.  David Andrejek has volunteered to help recruit his fellow ‘95’s, Don Einbecker, the ‘75’s, and we are looking for a volunteer to spearhead the effort to reunite the ‘55’s at the House.

Special note: in my era, we give special kudos to Brother Kim Cox 78-50 for hosting an email string that keeps 60+ IL DU’s tied together by sharing everything from Illinois athletics’ latest adventures, to family updates. If you are part of another DU email string, I would highly encourage you to reach out (to me, if you like) so we can capture any email addresses you may have that we don’t, and share news with those who may not receive these newsletters.

Thanks, and hope to see one and all at the House on 9/26/15!

Fran Broich ‘76.5

312-617-4004 cell
Alumni Relations and Database Management

Chairman’s Report – March 2015

Dear brothers of DU Illinois,

I hope this note catches you with positive spirits. I am happy to say that the alumni board, along with DU International and the local undergraduates have been actively engaged in all facets of our operations and diligently organizing our long term goals. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with our growing and expanding board of directors. We are now at 15 actively participating board members, working together on 7 committees.

The undergraduates under Paul’s leadership as president are focused on exemplifying what the DU experience is all about. Not only are each of the committee Chairman bringing game to the phone conferences, but there is an enthusiasm that is building within.

We have had great dialogue with DU International, especially with John Duncan. I can’t wait for you to find out about the programs we are working on! This happens because of participation.

I take this moment to acknowledge brother Walker Geyer. Walker was hand selected by me to be Vice Chairman to spearhead our new rally (save my *** and make it happen). Thanks to Walker and his dedication we are undertaking a new era at Champaign-Urbana. We are committed to seeing that DU thrives in the next 100 years. We are at that turning point.

I just did a Guest Editor piece in Arizona Foothills, and mentioned my formative years at DU, and what a difference it made in my life. We can do that together. In upcoming reports we will be sharing with you some of the exciting, and not so exciting aspects to running our beloved fraternity at 312 East Armory. Please review the list of your alumni board members and the respective committees. I ask you to do it now, and see if you have the calling to help on a committee, or other aspect of promoting DU Illinois, and share that with Walker. It is the spirit of volunteerism that carries us forward.

Thanks in advance to answering Walker’s calling for donations. They all count from $100 and add up. Fortunately we get some generous donations in the $5,000 -20,000 range which are instrumental in handling some of the larger and less glamorous needs of maintaining our aging facility. We do have exciting plans we are working on to make DU Illinois a destination selection, for academics, brotherhood, and lifestyle amenities.

We look forward to seeing many of you more often as we seek to engage all ages of DU alumni to rally together for the brotherhood in action that makes us DU.


Tony Sutton
Jungleman ’77

Homecoming 2014 – tentative agenda

from Dave Behr ’77

group picture front lawn2

Friday October 24th:: 

(for those of you coming down the night before or who are looking to help out in preparation of the big weekend!)

5;00 pm   House cleanup starts by undergrads (additional helpers appreciated)

7:30 pm  Fire-up session with Alums and Undergrads over pizza and beer.


Saturday October 25th:

8:00 am    Bus leaves downtown Chicago.  $45.00  Contact Fran Broich for a seat soon!

10:00 am  Registration table near the front door at DU opens for business!  Bring your checkbooks!  Also, DU Alumni shirts will

be available for only $10.00.

11:00 am  Illinois Fighting Illini vs Minnesota !!!   ILL—INI !   Bus arrives just in time!  If you don’t have your football ticket yet, see

Fran Broich

1:30 pm    Homecoming Luncheon served.  Front yard, weather permitting

2:30 pm    Presentation on the condition of the House, work accomplished and work to be done.

3:30  pm   Presentation of Awards:    Keith Ulatoski Brothership Award, Scholarship Awards

4:00 pm    Social Hours!   If you haven’t written a check yet you still can…

8:00 pm    Bus leaves 312 Armory for Chicago


Sunday October 26th:

Remembering what a good time you had!

Fall 2013 Undergraduate News

by Max Redpath ’16


            Hello again!  This newsletter covers both the latter portion of October and up until Thanksgiving in November. Also, this will cover the 2013 Homecoming and other topics including the ’17s Pledge Class and the standard rigmarole of DU social, intramural, and philanthropy events.

            First off, let’s start with the Ducks that got to hoist the trophy for the ADPi soccer philanthropy. Brothers Andrew Krissinger ’14, Mark Plescia ’16, Jeff Kinka ’16, Grant Welge ’14, and Max Miller ’17 comprised the squad that won four straight to grab the crown. This is the second year in a row that we were champions of the event, and again happy to help with the ladies’ philanthropy.

            The main event, Homecoming 2013, had Ducks from many years and many regions of the United States in Champaign to commemorate the years spent in Delta Upsilon, as well as to come see the football team take on the Spartans of Michigan State. Unfortunately the football team did not quite win, only losing by five (and a half touchdowns), but we Ducks never lose a tailgate and had an excellent time grilling out and chilling out at 312 E. Armory. Blue Moons, Shock Tops, and Lienkugel’s were served, and we all had a fantastic time with alumni and our sorority partner Alpha Epsilon Phi.

photo-bombing at Homecoming 2013
photo-bombing at Homecoming 2013
wide range of alumni enjoying pre-game festivities
wide range of alumni enjoying pre-game festivities


The day started with the aforementioned grilling and chilling and later segued to a more serious portion of the day where the first Annual Keith Ulatoski Brotherhood Award was presented to the award’s namesake. Keith was someone who was the embodiment of brotherhood, so after his unfortunate passing, the Alumni Board saw nothing more fit than to create an annual award in his honor.

            After Alumni Board President Tony Sutton presented the award, conversation shifted to plans for fundraising in order to continue the updating and renovation of our home with a nod to its glory days and a keen eye on the future.  Brothers Craig Milkint ’83 and Kevin Donnelly ’81 presented plans to ensure Delta Upsilon offers an unparalleled experience to scores of future pledge classes.

            After the Homecoming Festivities, we undergrads settled into the status quo of social and intramural events (along with our studies of course). In football, our team made it past the hefty cut to make it into the playoffs. Unfortunately, we ran into the Pike ’14s squad and suffered a heartbreaking 13-12 loss (yours truly had a horrendous pass in the redzone in the first quarter than ended up coming to bite us in the behind).  Despite the bitter outcome, we played well, improved, and will for sure be better next year provided our quarterback decides to make some better decisions.

            Our soccer team suffered a similar fate. As one of the top seeds in the tournament and with title hopes on the horizon, the Ducks ran into the Sammies and suffered a crushing 2-1 loss in penalty kicks. Despite the defeat, we are returning every player next year and hope to be even better and to contend for the title.

            DU has also been doing quite well socially as of late.  Along with a solid amount of pre-games coordinated by Brothers Kevin Ward ’15 and John Morrison ’16, the men of Delta Upsilon have also partaken in two very fun exchanges in the past two weeks. Both sororities are prospective Football Block partners for next year, so it’s a good thing that we organized this fall’s outings and had a good time. Two weeks ago Wednesday we had an exchange with the lovely ladies of Chi Omega at Joe’s Brewery. The theme was “Working Hard or Hardly Working”. Despite the ambiguity and quality of the theme, everyone had an excellent time, especially for a Wednesday.

            Another exchange that took place was this past Thursday with the ladies of Alpha Xi Delta. The AZD’s came out in FULL FORCE, as we went to The Clybourne and had a phenomenal night. The theme for the evening was “Dream Vacation.” Apparently this was supposed to be taken to mean, “Dress up as if you were going to go on vacation to your dream vacation.” We Ducks took this to mean, “Hey, let’s dress up like we did for Buffett Party again.” Either way, it was a great night, and I know that the AZD’s had a fun night.


Sam Edwards '15 (front), John Barnett '16, Katherine Madden (Kappa Alpha Theta '16) and Peter Van Fossan '17
Sam Edwards ’15 (front), John Barnett ’16, Katherine Madden (Kappa Alpha Theta ’16) and Peter Van Fossan ’17

We also had our Pledge Mom outing recently. The twenty-three members of our 17s pledge class had a fantastic night with their Pledge Dads and finding out who their Pledge Moms were.  

(left to right):  Meghan Sickal (Alpha Chi Omega '17), Sean Moran '17, and Max Redpath '16
(left to right): Meghan Sickal (Alpha Chi Omega ’17), Sean Moran ’17, and Max Redpath ’16

     All in all it was a great night, and the 17s had a fantastic time. The 17s pledge class overall is having a great semester and cannot wait to live in the house and fully join the brotherhood that is Delta Upsilon as soon as possible.


As Thanksgiving break concludes, and we draw nearer to finals, things around the Delta U household will slow down a tad. That said, once we get back on campus our annual Christmas Party will soon be upon us, which as many of you know, is one of the greatest nights of the year. The set-up for that event will be taking place all throughout the week, and it will culminate and take place on Saturday, December 7th. I for one cannot wait.

Needless to say, it’s been a great semester, and we enjoyed keeping you up with the Ducks (instead of the Kardashians).  As we switch over to a new slate of officers, our thanks go out to the tremendous support provided by both the alumni board and our alumni at large.  Please consider donating your time and/or funds to help renovate the DU household.   One important thing shared by both past and current DU generations alike is a love for our house.  In order for that tradition to last the next 85 years of DUs, we’ll need your continued help.

Thank you again, and I wish you a great holiday season! 



Max Redpath ‘16
Vice-President Alumni and External Relations