DU Fall Reunion — 9/26/15 — Save the Date!

For the last several years, we have reinvigorated the time-honored Illinois DU tradition of Homecoming! As many as 100 DU alums from all across the country have enjoyed joining those on campus for traditional DU activities like drinking, story-telling, and for those especially brave, watching the Illinois football game.

For the 2015 DU Fall Reunion, we have selected Saturday 9/26, so please save the date, and plan on joining your brothers “at the House.” We predict you’ll love seeing the recent renovations, talking to seldom-seen brothers, and visiting the scene of so many DU traditions.

Special anniversary reunions: if you are a member of the pledge classes of ’55, ’75 and ’95, you are especially encouraged to attend, as this reunion will honor your classes for their respective 60th, 40th and 20th reunions.  David Andrejek has volunteered to help recruit his fellow ‘95’s, Don Einbecker, the ‘75’s, and we are looking for a volunteer to spearhead the effort to reunite the ‘55’s at the House.

Special note: in my era, we give special kudos to Brother Kim Cox 78-50 for hosting an email string that keeps 60+ IL DU’s tied together by sharing everything from Illinois athletics’ latest adventures, to family updates. If you are part of another DU email string, I would highly encourage you to reach out (to me, if you like) so we can capture any email addresses you may have that we don’t, and share news with those who may not receive these newsletters.

Thanks, and hope to see one and all at the House on 9/26/15!

Fran Broich ‘76.5

312-617-4004 cell
Alumni Relations and Database Management

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