Happy Holidays from Illinois Delta Upsilon

Christmas Lights at 312 E. Armory 2013
To my brothers of Delta Upsilon,


I hope this message finds you enjoying your families during the holidays.


Homecoming was once again a great time by those attending, as we unvailed the DU brotherhood award honoring Keith Ulatoski who recently passed away. We have continued to make improvements in our beloved house. This upcoming year we hope to raise significant dollars for the big projects ahead. We have discovered the opportunity for tax deductability as we move forward. Details will follow.


Please  consider Delta Upsilon Illinois in your charitable donations yet this year and next as we need broad participation.


I thank you in advance.
God Bless,


Tony “Jungleman” Sutton 77

One thought on “Happy Holidays from Illinois Delta Upsilon

  1. Hey Jungleman and DU brothers –

    Merry Christmas! Looking out on remnants of the last snowfall here in Chicago while my smartphone says it will be 72 today in Scottsdale. Santa may over exert and dehydrate in that heat so we have that going for us. That’s the best I can come up with this morning!

    Thanks for your message Tony. Homecoming was a great time and I’m excited to help in the House restoration efforts in 2014!!


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