Your Help Needed

Your Help Needed

Dear DU Brothers –

As we approach Spring of this school year, the Alumni Board is again taking stock of the condition of the House.

John Sladek, Chair of the Alumni Board’s House Maintenance and Capital Improvements Committee, is doing a tremendous job managing this key area, and the 3rd Annual work weekend scheduled for July 11-12 brings together both alums and undergrads to tackle projects and put some elbow grease into 312 E. Armory.

I ask that each of you to consider and follow thru on a financial contribution to DU Illinois in support of this effort, the material costs, and the expenses associated with any professional contractors that will be needed.

Your Alumni Board is in the process of putting together a more comprehensive House capital improvement plan, but in the meantime we need your financial support to address those issues that require immediate attention and allow the DU undergrads to recruit successfully. Recent examples of improvements that your contributions made possible over the past 3 years were roof repairs, beautiful new dining room paneling and attractive 2nd and 3rd floor hallway tile.

Whether it is $100, $5,000 or any amount you feel you can contribute, the money will be put to very good use with focused stewardship by your Alumni Board and undergrads. We are working closely with Paul Brandeisky, House President, and his Executive Committee VP’s on numerous matters — I’m pleased to say that House leadership has the Illinois Chapter of DU pointed in the right direction.

Your contributions are greatly needed as the Alumni Board cash reserve is earmarked for emergency needs so the work we have envisioned for this year will be funded by monies raised over the next 90 days.

Please mail checks, payable to Illinois Chapter Delta Upsilon, to:

Kevin Donnelly (’81 and Alumni Board Finance Chair)
5822 Giddings Ave.
Hinsdale, IL 60521

Thank you!


Walker Geyer ‘78
Alumni Board Fund Raising Committee

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